Lucy Nikola Dalloway

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Post  JessicaWasHere on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:33 am

Approved Smile Make sure to claim our portrayer in the Face Claim section.

Callie Mason- Zeus (14)
Tori King- Unclaimed (15)
Trevor King- Unclaimed (16)
Miranda Kingsley- Apollo (15)
Juliana "Jules" Laurence- Anubis (14)
Cory Micheals- Hestia (14)
Bella Micheals- Hestia (16)



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Lucy Nikola Dalloway

Post  Lucy Nikola Dalloway on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:45 pm

Name: Lucy Nikola Dalloway
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Dark Blueish/Blackish
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 5
Body Type: Slim
Skin Color: Regular
Country of Origin: U.S
Talents: Singing, art
Skills: Hiding and whispering
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Flaws: Perfectionist, moody, sensitive
Life Before CHB*: Lucy was born in a quiet nobody city in Nevada. As she grew up, everyone made fun of her. She found that reading and art were her only escape. She learned about Greek mythology by reading and drawing about it. One day, she was sent to this camp, but she didn't fully understand why.

RP Example*: I looked at the canvas in front of me and the paint in my hands. I smiled. I opened up a tube of paint, and sprayed it all over the canvas. I opened up and sprayed 5 more tubes all over the canvas. I did the same with the rest of the tubes and stared at my canvas. Go abstract art!
Lucy Nikola Dalloway

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