Kendall Thomas

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Re: Kendall Thomas

Post  JessicaWasHere on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:42 pm

Approved (:

Callie Mason- Zeus (14)
Tori King- Unclaimed (15)
Trevor King- Unclaimed (16)
Miranda Kingsley- Apollo (15)
Juliana "Jules" Laurence- Anubis (14)
Cory Micheals- Hestia (14)
Bella Micheals- Hestia (16)



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Kendall Thomas

Post  JazzyGirly on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:38 pm

Name: Kendall Thomas

Age: 14

Gender: M

Eyes: Gray

Hair: blond

Height: 6'1''

Body Type: athletic

Skin Color: white

Country of Origin: America

Talents: sports

Skills: sports

Weapon: celestial bronze sword

Flaws: not too confident, tends to hide

Life Before CHB*: Kendall grew up in Lansing, Michigan. He had two parents that he was told were his real parents. He was big into baseball. He has a half-sister and 3 half-brother. He is waiting to b claimed.

RP Example*: "Thomas! Good inning!" My coach called as I walked into the dugout. "3 strikeouts is amazing." My friend Greg said. "Thanks guys." I smile and blush a little.

Any notes about your characters:Nope

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