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Re: grace A

Post  JesseDaMan on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:15 pm

Approved (: Make sure to claim your portrayer in Face Claim

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grace A

Post  ace of spades on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:04 pm

.Name:Grace Alexander
Body Type:slim
Skin Color:tan
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:annoying people, swiming,running
Skills:archary, horse back riding, baseball,triathions, sword fighting
Weapon:neclace in shape of a owl with green eyes that when tugged comes off and turns into a sword
Flaws:to nice, wont follow thur on thrteats, loyaty, forgetts things eisaly
Life Before CHB*:Grace lived with her mother and who she thought was her real father. She went to a privet cristan school, because her mother thought that if she didnt belive in the gods that she wouldnt be discovered. Then one day she was blamed ofptting mudd in the teachers coffee cup, typing the church next door and replacing the bell with a rude song all in one day and she was excpeled. She went to public school for 1 year. that was the hardest year of her life.She had gotten punch 4 times because she liked to be diffrent and because she was tall.then on the last day of school a boy named Alex reveled to her the world of the gods.Alex him self was a demi god , and was told by chiron to retruve her sice stryes were low. He toke her to camp halfblood the last day of school after she had gotte attacked.
RP Example*:I was walking out of Marsh our school on the last day of school with Alex"Good bye harsh marsh" I said to the biulding happly.
"Come on were gonna miss the buss" Alex said pullng me towards his bus.I was going home with him that day because my mom couldnt come and get me."
"Comeing" I said and clamed on to the bus with alex and sat in the back sicne alex was the last stop.The bus started to roll away then a chubby kid nmed nick rann out of the school"Wait!" He yelled. the buss driver stoped and kids started to yell at nick to hurry up including alex and I.When nick got on and we were on the high way heading toward town Alex turned to me"I gotta tell you somthin" He said to me. Then the buss ran into somthing big scaly with multi heads and fliped on to its side.
"Di Immortals" Crused Alex"Just what I need!"
"What the heck is that thing?" I said.
alex got up as the monster started to open the front of the buss. He started to walk toward it"Alex have you gone mad?!?!?" I yelled at him.
"Hey stink breath havnt I allready killed ya?" He yelled at the thing. The other kids on the buss were screaming there heads off. The thing lunged at Alex and he pulled a sword out of thin air and slashed at the monster and it lunged at him and pinned him. My sences went into over drive.I got up and yelled "Hey hot head!!" at the monster. All of its heads turned to me but one that was keeping a eye on alex. The middle head shot fire at me "Oh holly carp!" and I insedtyly put my hands in front of my eyes and I didnt get burnd then I saw why Alex had thrown a set in front of me.
"GRACE!! Cacht!" He yelled and throw a necklace that when it hit my hand it was a 3 and a half foot long sword.and I insticetvily stabed my sowrd at the monsters in the heart and it disapperred. All of the kids where running and screaming out in the dicht.
"OH Crap" Alex said cutting off one of the heads" NOw the cops are involed." He said holdin the head out to my "Here spiol of war. gotta love it"
I toke the head" I dont think that this well fit in my bag.." I said looking at it.
"Dont have to here" He said givving me a bag and I put the head in it.
"come on fallow me!" He said jumping out of the buss and running into the woods.
"Where in the world are we going?!?!" I asked him.
"I'll tell ya on the way." He said then wistled on and on. then a figure apperred from the clound. It were geriffens.
"WoW!" I said seeing him.
Alex climbed on and monted for me to come"Get on" And when I got on the griffen flew .
Any notes about your characters: she tryes to be as funny and nice and happy as can be all the time.
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