A New Character

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Re: A New Character

Post  Apolloette on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:21 pm

Approved. remember to claim your portrayer in face claim

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A New Character

Post  Lucy Nikola Dalloway on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:18 pm

Name: Arianna Isabella Kullitz
Age: 13
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Brilliant deep blue
Hair: Blonde-Brown
Height: 5' 5
Body Type: Slim
Skin Color: Regular
Country of Origin: Australia
Talents: Artsy stuff, writing
Skills: Hiding, being quiet
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Flaws: Nosy, insucure, shy, hyper/crazy at times, a bit stupid
Life Before CHB*: Arianna lived with her parent, who didn't really care at all what she did. When Arianna was 7, her parent died in a shooting. She was taken into an orphanage, when she got adopted when she turned 12. Her adopted parent turned out to be a satyr, who told her about everything. Then she was taken to camp.
RP Example*: I stand there and the end of the street staring at Toby. So he came back from jail. I sigh and walk down the street, the other way. I just hope he doesn't kill anyone else. I run down teh street, until I hear him call my name. I stop. Holy cow....
Any notes about your characters: None
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