new charrie.

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Re: new charrie.

Post  JesseDaMan on Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:02 pm

Approved (: Make sure to claim your portrayer in Face Claim

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new charrie.

Post  Darkblue248 on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:03 pm

Name:Mason Collins
Hair:jet black
Body Type:athletic and skinny.
Skin Color:normal but a bit more towards the pale side.
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:Track, basketball, football.
Skills:playing guitar, soccer, hand to hand combat, sword fighting.
Weapon:a 3 and half foot long celestial bronze sword.
Flaws:very shy. tends to get into fights a lot. very rebelious. stubborn. lets his temper get out of control.
Life Before CHB*:he lived with his mother who he didn't like very much. of course she didn't abuse him though. she knew she would get hurt more then he would. he grew up without his father. he only had one friend. his friend always complained that he hung out with his dad more then he did him. but they stayed friends. on his 12 weird things started happening. there were monsters attacking him. his friend told him he was a half-blood and that he had to go to camp but he didn't want to. finally when he was 15 he was forced to go to camp.
RP Example*:i grab my books and walk out into the hallway. man. that reading class was toutre. i walked to my locker and saw the school bully waiting for me. he knocked the books out of my hands. i bent of the pick them up and he smashed my head into the floor. i growl and run at him. i shove him up against the row of lockers i start repeatly pounding my fist into his face. i hear a crack noise come from his jaw. i drop him to the ground. his face was covered in blood the streamed down his face and onto his shirt. his jaw was hanging out of place. i hand was covered in his blood. i turn and sprint out of the buliding.
Any notes about your characters:hes very strong. hes like the strong but silent type.


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