Travis Baker and Caliey Baker.

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Re: Travis Baker and Caliey Baker.

Post  JesseDaMan on Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:51 am

approved (: Make sure to claim you portrayers in face Claim

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Travis Baker and Caliey Baker.

Post  Darkblue248 on Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:15 pm

Name:Travis Baker
Hair:messy blonde
Body Type:athletic
Skin Color:tan
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:soccer track football hand to hand combat
Skills:sword fighting. uhhh. being strong? drawing. hockey
Weapon:a 3 foot long CB sword named randomness. it turns from a hockey stick into a sword.
Flaws:he doesn't take things seriously some times. very hyper. tends to show off. talks to fast.
Life Before CHB*:he lived with his dad and sister. his dad wasn't the best but he wasn't the worst. he never knew his mom. his dad was always complaining that he was to hyper. he did bad in school and always got in trouble for standing on the desks (and usally breaking them) he was very random and strange. his dad said it was because he never had a mother to teach him how to do things that would probally help his grades. which wasn't true. who says cooking helps grades? on his 12th birthday things started getting weird (even more weird then usaual) and he always had that feeling he was being watch/followed. his best friend told him they had to get to the safe place. he shrugged and went with him. they got to camp on his 13th birthday.
RP Example*:"i'll be right back class. i have to use the restroom" the teacher said. there were low chuckles from the boys. the teacher gave them one last look and walked out. all the girls turned towards each other and started yapping. i rolled my eyes. "TRAVIS! DO IT MAN!" the boys called out. i smirked and jump onto my desk. i started playing air guitar. "get off the desk!" i girl next to me said. i stuck my tounge out at her and jumped onto the desk in front of me. "ah!" screamed a girl and got away. i smirk and jump from desk to desk. a boy that was standing near the door said "TRAVIS! TEACHER!" i saw her foot about to walk trough. i leaped and landed on my desk on my stomach. it cracked and broke in half. "TRAVIS BAKER! PRINCIPALS OFFICE NOW!" yelled the teacher. i groan and stood up. i wiped my self off. "NOW MR. BAKER!" the teacher threatened. "and thus ends the great desk jump" i murmur soft enough so the teacher wouldn't hear. the boys laughed and the girls rolled their eyes. i smirk and walk off out of the class room and stright passed the principals office. i walk out the front door. "looks like schools out early" i say and chuckle. i walk down the street and away from the school.
Any notes about your characters:hes strong. but yet. he looks tiny. his twin sister is Caliey.

Name:Cailey Baker
Body Type:athletic
Skin Color:tan
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:skateboarding, painting, drawing, hockey.
Skills:sword fighting being random and awesome. uhhhh. swimming.
Weapon:3 foot long CB sword named awesomeness. it turns into a hockey stick like her brothers.
Flaws:she doesn't take things seriously some times. very hyper. tends to show off. talks to fast.
Life Before CHB*:she lived with her mom and brother. she never knew her mom. the farest back she can remeber was when the baby sitter locked her and her brother in her room. they got her finger paint and drew all over the walls and the floor. her room still looks like that today. her best friend told her that her and her brother wern't safe. she said that he friend was taking my brother to the same place as me. we got there on my 13th birthday.
RP Example*:the teacher walked calmly out of the room to go take a phone call in the office. i heard shouting from the room across the hal from mine. i look out the small window in the door and saw my brother jumping from desk to desk. i smirk. i do a cartwheel and jump onto the teachers desk. everybody looked up at me. i smirked. "live life to the fullest" i say and smirk as i hear a crash and more yelling from across the hall. i jump and do a flip off the desk. i land on the ground and do a summersalt. "show off..."some girl muttered but i ignore it. i would get my revenge. i get up and walk over to my desk. i grab my hockey stick out from under nithe it. i walk past the girl and pretend to fall bashing her in the back of the head with my hockey stick as i fell. "ow! its bleeding! she cried as i looked up and saw the blood. i stood up as she colasped to the floor right where i was just laying. some girls rushed over to help her. everybody else stared at me. "uhhhh. i tripped" i say and smirk. i run over to the window and bash it open with my hockey stick. i jump out and start running down the street. i saw my brother walking ahead of me. i smile. always beat me.
Any notes about your characters:


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