Collin Mathers (and yes, his dad is Eminem)

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Re: Collin Mathers (and yes, his dad is Eminem)

Post  JesseDaMan on Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:25 pm

Approved (: Make sure to claim your portrayer blah, blah, blah.....

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Collin Mathers (and yes, his dad is Eminem)

Post  Darkblue248 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:09 pm

Name:Collin Mathers
Hair:brown (he didn't get his dads blonde hair
Body Type:skinny
Skin Color:white
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:rapping, basketball, sword fighting and archrey.
Skills:baseball, paino, guitar.
Weapon:a bow and arrows that appear when he needs them. he has a sword that hangs by his side.
Flaws:over protective (of people he calls his friends) to caring, to nice. gets mad when people try to be his friend because his dad is eminem.
Life Before CHB*:he lived with his dad, eminem, his step-mom and his two little half-sisters. he learned how to rap from his dad. his dad also tought him how to play paino and guitar. the first time he tried basketball every one knew he had natrul skill for it. his dad always rapped about his little sisters and not him. so he was outcast from the family, so he started getting into trouble with the cops. then werid things started happening to him. some one told him that he had to leave to a camp. he went with the person just grateful to get away from his family. he made it to camp on his 16th birthday
RP Example*:i put on some baggy shorts and a whitebeater. i slide on my shoes and walk out of my room. i walk past my dads room and hear him rapping part of his new song. i sigh when i hear hailey's name. all of his songs are about her. i grab a basketball and walk out the back door. i walk to the basketball goal, and stand behind the three point line. i shoot the ball and hear the 'swish' of the net. i smile and grab the ball. i dribble it a few times and then jump up dunking the ball. i hang on the rim and then drop down. i smile and walk out to the fence. i jump it and grab the spray paint i hid and walk out to go graffti.
Any notes about your characters:he has a eminem hat that makes him invisible when he wears it.


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